Carved in Granite

book-carved-in-stoneCarved in Granite, 125 Years of Granite Club History

Macmillan Canada
September 15, 1999

ISBN 7715-7636-6

The history of the Granite Club is closely linked to that of the City of Toronto. The club’s founders and early members included many of Toronto’s leading citizens and, to this day, the city’s business and professional leaders are part of the club’s growing membership.

More than 70 years ago Saturday Night magazine said it well: “The Granite Club is a natural evolution of Toronto’s growth in population, prosperity and social activity. Few institutions have been so completely identified with the social history of its home city.”

Carved in Granite portrays individual achievements and family accomplishments against a backdrop of the ever-changing Toronto business and social landscape. Over the years the club has developed into a second home for its members, where families and friends come together to relax, play and participate in the Granite community.

ROD AUSTIN, club member since 1968, curling convenor (1982-83) and author of Granite News articles “Carved in Granite,” proposed the writing of a club history in 1985. Since then he has searched through archives and attics to rediscover long-lost stories of the club, founded in 1875. From this extensive research, he has written a history of the club’s first seventy-five years.

TED BARRIS, who chronicled the Granite’s latest fifty years, is the author of eight previous books. He also writes for newspapers, magazines, radio and television, and works as a broadcaster in radio and television.

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