Canada and Korea: Perspectives 2000

book-canada-and-koreaCanada and Korea: Perspectives 2000

University of Toronto Press
May 13, 2000

ISBN 0-7727-7450-1

Ted Barris (contributor), “The War that History Forgot”
R.W.L. Guisso and Young-Sik Yoo (co-editors)

Canada established formal diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea in 1963 and with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea early in the year 2001.

Canada’s relationship with the Korean peninsula, however, is much older than that. Canadian missionaries, beginning with the Reverend J.S. Gale in 1888, established a proud tradition of evangelization and contributed significantly to Korean modernization in such fields as education, medicine, agriculture and technology, evn during the Japanese occupation.

After the Korean War, Canada-ROK ties became closer with the exchange of state visits and the growth of bilateral trade. And Korean emigrants, in increasing numbers, enrich the Canadian mosaic.

The articles in this volume, all by distinguished scholars, explore the various facets of the Korean-Canadian relationship, both past and present. The cover design depicts the beginning of the relationship with pictures of J.S. Gale and the Korean counterpart, Yun Chi-ho, who first set foot on Canadian soil in 1893.

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