Barris receives citizenship award

On July 1 – Canada Day 2010 – residents of Uxbridge Township assembled at a local park to celebrate the nation’s 143rd birthday. Hundreds settled in for food, refreshments, amusements and, of course, the evening’s annual fireworks display. Wedged into the evening’s slate of activities was the annual announcement by the Uxbridge Times-Journal newspaper of the “Citizen of the Year.” T-J reporter Don Campbell invited several dignitaries to the stage – including MP Bev Oda, MPP John O’Toole, Mayor Bob Shepherd – and finally the recipient … Ted Barris.

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  1. Hello Ted,

    Congratulations on your award and showing your canuck pride. We’ve never met, but I did sit in at your panel discussion about Centennial students Dominican experience during the Centennial Learns event on May 13/10.

    Our Chair, Robin Cox (School of Advancement) has introduced me to the CCC for the purposes of teaching the COMM 133 course in Fall. I believe you’re based out of Morningside campus, but I’d be delighted if we should cross paths in the future.

    Best regards,
    x3476 (Progress campus)

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