Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Ted Barris, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient
Ted Barris, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient

During an awards ceremony at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on Oct. 14, 2012, Sen. Joseph Day presented Ted Barris with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. The announcement issued with the award said, in part, “the medal is a visible and tangible way to recognize outstanding Canadians … who have built and continue to build this caring society and country through their service and achievements.”

Barris was nominated for the award by the Air Force Association of Canada. In a letter, Dean Black, the AFAC executive director, explained that the association “convened a committee that screened and ranked hundreds of applications from across Canada, using the selection criteria of recent and significant service to the association’s objectives of heritage, youth and advocacy.” Barris was among about 45 individuals chosen by the AFAC to receive the medal.


  1. Congratulations on last years Diamond Jubilee Award. I have heard your name and the mention of books you have written over the years. Just today, Nov. 10, I heard you speaking on the Roy Green show about your new book on The Great Escape, the Canadian-Led Story. I hope to read it someday soon.

    By the way, I taught your daughter, Quenby, in kindergarten in Edmonton, Alberta during the 1982-83 school year. I always wondered where she and your family ended up. I still remember what she looked like back then. Also, the Christmas angel Quenby gave you when she was young looks very familiar to me. I used to do that every Christmas with the children. All the best with your writing projects!

  2. Again, my apologies, Annette. I’ve been so preoccupied with writing, teaching and travelling, I missed this note. You have no idea how much we treasure that angel. She has travelled with us – and all the associated memories of our girls’ childhoods – since then, and she has a honoured place in our Christmas Eve tree decoration traditions. I’ll be sure to pass along this note to Quenby and invite her to be in touch… Ted.

  3. Dear Mr. Barris

    I have just completed reading your “Great Escape: A Canadian Story”. It was a brilliant effort. Thank you so very much for your contribution to such a historical event.
    It is now a cherished book in my personal library.


    Garnet Jones

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